Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

The best collection of happy birthday messages that you can use to write to your boyfriend.
  • You're my favorite person in the world and your birthday is my favorite day of the year.
  • You're the most special person in the world to me; not just today but everyday.
  • Happy birthday to the love of my life. I feel so special, even though it's your birthday, I get the gift of having you as a boyfriend.
  • Happy birthday to the man who is responsible for giving me my breaths and taking them away too.
  • There's nothing I love more than wishing Happy Birthday to the person I love the most. Happy birthday my dear.
  • Happy birthday to a boyfriend that most other girls can only dream of having.
  • I am so lucky to share my life with someone as wonderful as you.
  • Happy birthday, honey. To the world, you are one person, but to me, you're my world.
  • You're another year older, but I'm happy to get older with you. Happy birthday
  • Before I met you, I dreamed what the man of my dreams would be like. You're so much better than I have ever dreamed.
  • To the man who's never done anything wrong on his birthday. No need to bring up the other 364 days of the year today...
  • Most people want what they can't have. For me, I want what I have and I want you! Happy birthday to the love of my life.
  • Sorry, I can't help you blow out the candles because you still take my breathe away everytime I see you.
  • Happy birthday to the most handsome guy I know!
  • You are right. I am crazy, crazy for you! Happy Birthday.
  • You are the source of my happiness and strength. Happy birthday to my Prince Charming.
  • I don't how it's possible, but I love you even more today than yesterday. Happy Birthday to the greatest boyfriend in the world.
  • Everyday that I'm with you is special, but today is extra special because I'll be with you on your birthday.
  • How is it possible that you get better looking every day? Since today is the oldest you've ever been, you are really great looking! Happy birthday my boyfriend.
  • My love belongs to you, not only on your birthday but every day.
  • I never thought I'd love anything more than chocolate, until I found you. Sending you all of my love on your birthday.
  • Wishing a wonderful birthday to my boyfriend and my best friend.
  • I made a wish one night to find the most awesome man in the universe. My wish came true, when I found you. Happy birthday my man.
  • It's such a treat to wish Happy Birthday to someone as sweet as you.

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